How We Play

Renegades play Flat Track Roller Derby. We are a NO RULES, No HOLDS BARRED league, however we Oregon Renegades do have one rule: Don’t be a Dirtbag. If a skater is out there for individual glory, disregards the safety of others, or legitimacy of the game, we call that being a Dirtbag and we don’t play with Dirtbags.
How the game is played:
Roller Derby is a sport played on quad skates, on either a flat track or a banked track surface. Our bouts consist of 3 – 20 minute periods, which is broke down into 1 minute jams. Each jam is played with 4 players from each of two teams.
JAMS: A single whistle starts the Pack and the Jammers. A jam may last 60 seconds or until the Lead. Jammer calls the jam by placing their hands on their hips.
PACK (3 blockers from each team): The largest group of blockers, containing members from both teams. They set up plays to assist their team’s jammer through the pack and blocks to stop the opposing teams jammer.
JAMMERS (1 from each team): Designated with a mohawk on their helmet and also known as the sprint skater. Their object is to score one point per opponent they lap.
A Jammer may earn Lead Jammer status by being the first Jammer to break the pack. Lead Jammer status may be taken by the opposing Jammer if they take the lead. Lead Jammer is always the Jammer in front. The Lead Jammer can stop the Jam whenever they want to. Hopefully preventing the other team from scoring more points during the jam.

Renegade Rules:
Don’t Be a Dirtbag: We do not call penalties in our game, but we do have Dirtbag Regulators and Brawl Breakers to insure that the game is aggressive and safe.

Any teams or players interested in bouting with us should understand we will play you with our house rules, Us Renegades of Bend pride ourselves in upholding an “Any time, any place, any surface” mentality in hopes to further advance the exposure of Roller Derby to the masses.

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