Become a Renegade

Do you want to be a bouting member of the Renegade Roller Derby? Experienced skaters and fresh meat skaters are always welcome to join the Renegades. Whether you want to bout with us, or just come to practice to get in shape and learn to skate. We are always looking for new recruits both male and female. Here is how it all goes down: 


The Renegade Roller Derby of Oregon is a co-ed league.
You must be at least 18 years old to be a member of the Renegades and willing to learn and have fun. Also you must be able to affirm that you are in good physical condition and do not suffer from any health condition or disability that would prevent or limit your participation in a full contact sport or increase susceptibility of injury.

Please drop by and attend one of our practices, which normally take place September through June every Monday at the Midtown Music Hall located at 51 NW Greenwood Ave in downtown Bend. (More info on practices can be found on the Practice page on this site). After you attend some practices to get a feel for Renegade Roller Derby and you decide you would like to bout with us, the next step is to take your skills test. This will involve evaluation of your speed and skill set by the board of the league to insure you are ready to safely bout and compete as a Renegade. Even as our skaters work to pass the skills test, they are still highly encouraged to be involved with the league’s activities and help put on our bouts.

Once you pass your test, you are ready become a bouting member of Renegades. The monthly dues and fee structure changes. You will also need to go out and get your gear, and pick a badass name!

Congratulations, you are now a voting member of the league and part of the Renegade Family! You will be now be required to attend a minimum number of practices, help with league activities, and be current on dues to continue to bout.




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